Quick Wax

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mountainFLOW’s Quick Wax is easy to apply and works great in all conditions.

  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable

  • 0% Petroleum

  • Buttery-smooth glide

  • SIZE: 2 OZ

**100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dave Meservy
Works great 👍

This is convenient wax. Make sure as the label says to not use before applying skins as they may not stick well.

Amazing off label use: removing skin glue from bases.

Rub it on as normal and use a cloth to buff off wax, and watch the glue globs let go as well..
I would use this wax regardless, but am elated by this unexpected benefit...

A good choice to wax your skis in a hurry, particularly if you are eco-conscious

I used this wax on my skis before my recent trip to the mountain. It has an applicator that comes with it. Easy to apply, no special treatment required. This is the first time I have used a ski wax and I have to admit i had one of my best runs after using this wax. Not sure if it had much to do with the wax or my skills getting better, but i will use it again before my ski trips. (From Getcairn.com)


Love the wax. It worked very well on my back country skis. We were in that sort-of wet snow that just sticks to the skis. The wax saved the day. I tried it on my snowshoes and had even better success. (From Getcairn.com)

Tyson P.
Zoom zoom!

only used the wax once so far, but noticed a drastic increase in speed. There is no iron required as this is a rub on wax. I like that it is made from environmentally friendly ingredients because I want to minimize my impact as much as possible. would highly recommend! (From Backcountry.com)

Works great and eco-friendly

I used this product on my snowboard and it worked amazing! It also made me feel great to know that I was using something eco-friendly. (From Getcairn.com)