Hot Wax

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mountainFLOW is pumped to offer one of the world's only plant-based waxes.

  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable

  • 0% Petroleum

  • Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax - we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

  • SIZE: 130 grams

*100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

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KDUB (Madison, Wisconsin)
Checks the Boxes. Two Thumbs Up.

Green. Fast. Check.
Also Economical. Easy to work with.
I don't know if less / non toxic is a feature / benefit but it would make sense.
Breck tested. Falcon, Imperial, Kensho. And all in between. March / April. Used Blue / Cool. Wax guy (me) received no complaints. All good. We are Go Fly.

Candice Miller
Love Eco Wax!

We loved Eco Wax for the idea even before we first tried it. Now we are waxing and tuning our own boards and skis and not leaving a toxic trail wherever we play!

Really good ski wax alternative for the Eco minded

Performs well just like any other wax. I have been using the all weather and warm wax for three years. During that time I have put other people on my department on this wax also and about 80% also like it. Scraping is a bit harder than other waxes, but if you use the Crayon method it is not really an issue. Please watch the video on this site for the CRAYON METHOD, it also uses way less wax.

Great Stuff

Keep up the good work / wax !

Travis Marsot
Big fan of this wax

I've been an avid snowboarder for nearly 30 years and a cross country skier for 10. I have to recommend this product wholeheartedly. It's healthy for you to wax with, it's good for the environment, and it's wicked fast! Buy all the temps because it's fun to notice the differences with the waxes and they smell fantastic.