Bike Maintenance Kit

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The whole kit and kaboodle but even better than before! The Bike Maintenance Kit (affectionately called the BMK) provides everything you need to keep your bike shining and shifting smoothly in a self-contained box made from bamboo that doubles as a washbasin: 

  • BIKE LUBE | ALL WEATHER: Bike lube for all conditions and all seasons. Plant-based + biodegradable
  • BIKE WASH + DEGREASER: Strong enough to degrease your drivetrain but gentle enough to use on the entire bike
  • BIKE POLISH: Clean. Shine. Protect. Our Bike Polish adds a brilliant shine to your bike and helps protect it from dust and grime
  • BIKE GREASE: For your non-drivetrain related lubrication
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - FRAME: Super soft bristles to clean your whole bike. Safe on all surfaces
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - DRIVETRAIN: Stiff bristles to remove the toughest grime from your chain and cassette
  • BAMBOO + COTTON BIKE TOWELS (3 PACK): No microplastics here! Includes a durable cotton drivetrain cloth for your chain and groupset, a soft + strong microfiber towel to clean your frame, and wicked soft bamboo velvet polishing towel for making everything shine

Customer Reviews

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It’s everything I need!

It’s my first time trying MountainFLOW and the variety in this kit is absolutely perfect. There is a product to cover every step of my bike cleaning and maintenance process. I’m a big fan of the brushes because they are stiff about to get gunk out of small books but soft enough so they don’t take the shine off my frame. The polish and towels leave my bike sparking.

Sam K.
This kit rocks!

I'm a big fan of the mountainFLOW ski products and was looking to grab some bike stuff for the season, so figured I'd try this kit. It's awesome! First, the whole package looks really cool. Also, it has everything that I need and it's all sustainable! I haven't tried everything yet but the bamboo cleaning brushes are great.