Bike Lube - Wax

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Wax based bike lubes provide all of the lubrication without any of the mess. Apply like a normal oil-based lube and allow 5 minutes to dry. Once dry, it will be bonded to the drivetrain but it won't collect any dirt or grime. Works best in dry and dusty conditions. 
  • SUSTAINABLE: Plant-Based and Biodegradable
  • PETROLEUM-FREE: Always 0% petroleum (Most chain lube is made from petroleum 🙁)
  • EASY TO APPLY: For a fast + smooth ride

The 4oz bottle is eco-friendly! It is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. 

Customer Reviews

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If you love it lube it.

I wasn't convinced that a plant-based lube would be any good. Wow, was I wrong? The Wax is the way to go, to get the best result, you need to start with a nice clean drive train; I use my Park Tool chain cleaner to get everything super clean and dry. Then apply the Wax like a regular lube. I love this part it's so easy. I apply it the day before I plan to ride or at least a few hours before because you want it to get into the rollers and dry. I was getting 5-7 rides on my mountain bike before felt I need to re-apply. I am planted on the wax now, great stuff highly recommend it.

Len Wittrock
The next best thing to actually waxing your chain

i was looking for an easier alternative to removing and waxing my chain and Mountain Flow is the ticket!

phil kaznowski
Super Lube

Great chain lube. Works best when applied after the ride, so it can dry and be ready for the next ride. Keeps the drive train clean. Would give it 5 stars if it lasted a bit better once wet, guess that's why they make the Wet Lube. Highly recommend there products!

Great for dry weather crushed stone trails

Purchased for my new bike and have used about 4 times over the summer. Great dry lube. It is easy to apply and cleans up easy. My chain is quiet.

Good stuff

Easy to use. Seems to hold up well in the dry dusty west so far.