Infrared (IR) Waxer

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You've probably seen Infrared Waxing machines in your local ski shop. Now, you can have the ease and effectiveness of an IR waxer right at home.

  • EFFECTIVE: IR waxers help the bases to absorb wax. You can actually watch the wax disappear into the bases as you are waxing
  • SUSTAINABLE: These devices use very little wax. Plus there is less wax being scraped off the ski and onto your floor.
  • EASY TO USE: IR waxers require very little scraping
  • SAVES MONEY: They make your bar of wax last much longer. 
  • The IR Waxer will come in either yellow or silver.  

NOTE: We are not manufacturing these products. We have found the product that we believe works the best and are acting a reseller.

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Customer Reviews

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Takashi Kobayashi

Infrared (IR) Waxer

Great ski tool addition.

-saves time (if only doing IR waxer)
-saves on wax (if crayon wax)
-takes 3-4 passes over ski to absorb into base

-doesn’t leave the shiny finish as well as iron on wax
-doesn’t cover blemishes on the ski base as well as wax & iron

Being a very meticulous old school ski tech:
Overall I vote a combo of IR waxer & ski iron for top on snow performance. If you are short on time & patience the IR really does a good job of getting the wax deep into the base. Hope this helps.

Great Infrared Waxer

This item works great. I crayon wax on the skis and then this waxer melts the wax easy and fast. Using much less wax and it also saves much time to put wax on our 4 skis pair. Less time scraping and brushing the skis. Recommend this item for everyone who does this at home.

John C. - Montana
IR Waxer

I have only used it once and getting a feel for holding the IR lap and how fast or slow to move the lamp and the wax. A little to fast and I can feel the wax drag. Definitely operator learning curve.. The IR uses a lot less wax and scraping is much faster. It helps to use a brass brush before applying the wax an a nylon after scrapping.