Skin Wax Spray

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mountainFLOW’s Skin Wax improves glide while maintaining a solid kick. By keeping the skins dry, snow buildup is reduced and skins stay light and fast.

  • Water-based and non-toxic

  • Apply before every skin

  • Best enjoyed with friends

  • SIZE: 4 OZ

*100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Warren Sutton
Great stuff

Makes the skins have a super fast glide

Jacob B.

Works great. Just have to remember to apply the night prior to touring


Immensely helped gliding with my cheap skins without sacrificing any backwards sliding on the uphill.

Prof. Hooganboom
The quickerrr, slickerrr, snow repeller - mountie!!!!

In this modern world I think we can all agree that sometimes a skin rag just won't do the trick - lube that tube brah! MountainFLOW's application is a breeze and comes spritzing out like a fine mist reminiscent of cracking that first cold one once you've reached summit. Best part (besides that it works) is that it's environment friendly so you don't have to worry about your ski merkin leaving a chem trail on the backcountry. FLOW is easier than wax and still keeps the white stuff at bay better than a sneeze guard at a strip club. My one suggestion would be to give it a good smell like campfire or peppermint -maybe a special edition in the future!!

Brett W.
Havent used this enough to have verdict

I put one coating on my skins so far and they are moving faster and not getting as much snow on them.. I think? Ill be back after more trial. (From