Hot Wax

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mountainFLOW is pumped to offer one of the world's only plant-based waxes.

  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable

  • 0% Petroleum

  • Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax - we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

  • SIZE: 130 grams

*100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey D Griffith
I agree this stuff is "Wicked Fast"

I waxed my skis with my first purchase of the MountainFLOW all temp wax yesterday. I used the crayoning method suggested in the company video and it did cut down on the waste from the drip method. I did notice that I had to move the iron much slower to melt the wax into the base even after I turned the temp up a little higher. I let the skis sit overnight and scraped and finished them the next morning. Scraping seemed a lot more labor intensive than my other all temp wax. I would compare the effort to the low temp race wax I used in the past. I got out to the ski hill later in the morning and wow! The glide was so much better and actually going down the run this stuff really ripped. I will make this my permanent selection for waxes especially since it helps maintain our environment. I ski with a friend whose skis always seem faster than mine, but today I actually kept up with him. Maybe he just took his foot off the gas today but I'm giving credit to the wax.

Very good alternative to traditional waxes

I tried the cold wax for the first time this season and was pretty impressed with it. The wax is fast, and lasted me 3 full days of riding before I needed to re-wax my board, which is more or less what other waxes last me. I need to try the all-temp, but I could definitely see myself changing to Mountainflow, especially since I don't know if my current wax will continue to be available for next season.

The downsides I noticed is that it's harder to melt than other waxes, so it required slower passes with the iron to spread it evenly over the board, even when crayoning it; and that it seemed to consume a larger chunk of the bar per waxing than my regular wax, so it seems it won't last as much. Those are the only things preventing me from giving it 5 stars, though. Otherwise, great product.

Derek W.
The Next GEN Ski/Snowboard wax is here!

Okay, this stuff is something else... why... well its just as good as any other wax out there and rips hard!.. This is something you can put on your board or skis and feel good about how your helping out the environment. If you ride a lot and wanna use something just as good as any other hot wax. check this stuff out.. youll love it!

J Drummer
Good value and eco friendly

Melted quickly and was easy to apply. Skis are fast now. No complaints.

Good stuff

Used it for touring skis. Great wax, great for environment.