Bike Kit - The Whole Enchilada!

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The whole kit and caboodle! All of the best eco-friendly bike products in one discounted kit. Clean. Scrub. Polish. Lube. Grease. Ride. 

  • BIKE LUBE | ALL WEATHER + WAX: Bike lube for all conditions and all seasons. Plant-based + biodegradable
  • BIKE WASH + DEGREASER: Strong enough to degrease your drivetrain but gentle enough to use on the entire bikE
  • BIKE POLISH: Clean. Shine. Protect.  Our Bike Polish adds a brilliant shine to your bike and helps protect it from dust and grime. 
  • BIKE GREASE: For your non-drivetrain related lubrication
  • POLISHING TOWELS | 3-PACK: Made from 100% cotton. Most polishing towels are made from micro-fiber, which is actually plastic and derived from petroleum 😬
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - FRAME: Super soft bristles to clean your whole bike. Safe on all surfaces
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - DRIVETRAIN Stiff bristles to remove the toughest grime from your chain and cassette

Customer Reviews

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The best!

I’m really surprised how well the whole enchilada kit works, lube to the wash. I also love the idea of these products being environmentally friendly.

Donovan Diminyatz
Haven't used it all, but love it so far.

It's -20C here with snow on average. I'm mostly using my gravel bike with studded tires to commute. So obviously haven't used everything yet, but I was very happy with the wet lube. I'll have to wait until long rides in the spring to find out its durability, but for nasty gritty snow rides, it runs the bike well. I would be interested to learn a bit more about the science behind the product. Like, yes it's plant based and eco friendly. But what kind of plants? Are they sustainably and ethically grown? Totally love the idea of this company. I'd just be interested to find out more.

Thanks Donovan! Yes, we work hard with our vendors to source ethically and sustainably grown plants. We also avoid ingredients that are notoriously detrimental to the environment like palm oil. Also, you're a beast! Riding in -20C ... we're impressed.